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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Murder Of Gay Boss: Revelations By Neighbours

Some indications appeared that the alleged murder of late Sylvanus Okoye, a native of Anambra state who had been stabbed to death and mutilated could be connected with his homosexual escapades,which resulted in brutal murder.
Photo:Eji Emmanuel, the suspect
According to the neighbours, the deceased used to have only male visitors in his residence every now and then before his death.
The suspect, a 22-year-old, Eji Emmanuel who is now in police net, upon interrogation also claimed that the deceased attempted to rape him and he attacked him in self defense.
Emmanuel also said that Okoye had tried severally to rape him but despite several warning against such illicit act, he persisted.
Journalists visited Okoye's residence site and spoke with neighbours, barbers, tailors and electricians. They all expressed fears that Okoye could have been killed for his homosexual escapades.
Elizabeth, a 28-year-old popular fashion designer in the area, said:
"Mr. Okoye stopped by my shop two weeks before his body was discovered. He wanted the phone number of a PHCN guy in the area, but as usual he didn’t give me a second look. We have been suspecting his moves. He didn’t have one female friend. But men flocked his residence and even spent nights there on a regular basis, that was enough to suspect his homosexual life. But what I cannot understand in this matter is the way the young man was killed. If the accused claims he acted in self defense; was it also self-defense to cut off his manhood after stabbing, tieing him with a strong rope to an object? I think the Eji guy has a lot of explanations to make because there is more to this killing."
According to Mike Lawani, who was Okoye's barber, the deceased was obviously attracted to some younger guys in the shop and sometimes invited them home. He claims, however, they never visited him because they knew what he wanted.
The source added,
"It is a pity that he died this way, but l think Emmanuel went too far by cutting his manhood; he was pushed to the wall. Don’t forget that it was also reported that the late Slyvanus brother had raped this same young man in Festac and the case was reported at Festac Police Station. I guess this attempted rape brought down all the fury in the young man’s mind. We also learnt that the deceased had promised to give the young man a job but instead what he got was sexual harassment."
Tochukwu, an electrician in the neighbourhood was also around when Okoye died. He also knew, like everyone else in the area, that the deceased was gay. A source added that the middle-age woman at the gate; who collected the keys from Eji Emmanuel noticed blood stains on Emmanuel’s neck, but could not raise alarm.
She paid dearly for her error as she spent the last month in police detention answering questions on the matter.
Another source denied the claim of self-defense by the suspect, saying the murder of late Okoye was a case of a anger of a jealous lover.
"The decease was said to have been cheating on his man’s lover. And that the event escalated that evening which led to his death."
And that the jealous lover who is also a bisexual traveled home after the incident and remained there as he was riding ‘okada’,but had called his girl friend staying in the Eastern part of the country with the deceased phone. He was also seen by the deceased siblings who eventually alerted the police.
It was gathered that Emmanuel, who was reportedly acting in self defence not only stabbed Okoye, but went further: he tie him with a pressing iron rope, cut off his manhood, locked him inside, gave the key to neighbour and bolted away.
Moreover, the suspect deceived the woman he gave the key to after the murder; telling her that Okoye was not at home. And his body was discovered 2 weeks later. The man was discovered lying in the pool of his blood, tied with a pressing iron rope, stabbed on the neck, with his manhood cut off.

Man detained for two months for allegedly criticising Bayelsa governor on Facebook

Tonye Okio was arrested October 26.

A businessman, Tonye Okio, spent his Christmas and will start the New Year at a Bayelsa prison for allegedly criticizing the Bayelsa State governor, Seriake Dickson, on his Facebook account.

Mr. Okio, who was also a former Abuja Liaison officer for Bayelsa State, was arrested on October 26 at his Abuja residence.

He was subsequently blindfolded and driven to Bayelsa by the Special Investigation Bureau, SIB. The police also stripped Mr. Okio of his mobile gadgets and all postings on his Facebook account, ‘Tonye Okio’, about Mr. Dickson was deleted.

Two days after his arrest, the Bayelsa police released a statement that Mr. Okio was arrested for seditious publications against the Bayelsa governor.

“This is to inform the general public and the good people of Bayelsa State in particular that the Bayelsa police command has succeeded in apprehending one Tonye Okio ‘M’ of Otiokpoti, Ogbia Local Government Area, Bayelsa State for the offence of seditious publications.

“The suspects whose syndicate members are now at large will be appropriately arraigned in court when investigation is complete,” the police said.

The police then detained Mr. Okio for 10 days without trial. Mr. Okio’s lawyer subsequently filed a case at a Bayelsa High Court demanding his fundamental rights be obeyed and he be charged to court if he has indeed done anything wrong.

A day before his fundamental rights case was to be heard, the police on November 5charged the victim before a Magistrate Court for defamatory publication against the Bayelsa governor.

After taking his plea, the Magistrate Court adjourned the case to November 21 for trial.

When the case came up on November, 21, the magistrate court granted Mr. Okio, an aide to ex-Bayelsa governor, Timipriye Sylva, bail in what a civil society activist described as ‘ridiculous conditions.’

The bail conditions included N5 million with one surety in like sum who must be a permanent secretary in the state and resident within the court’s jurisdiction.

Following the ruling, the victim’s lawyer, Doueyi Fiderikumo, prayed the court that it would be impossible to satisfy the condition because the complainant was the state governor who he suspected must have threatened most permanent secretaries in the state.

Sources close to the Bayelsa State government also told PREMIUM TIMES that no permanent secretary under the state’s employ dare stand as surety for Mr. Okio out of fear of the governor.

Although an application was filed at the Nembe Division of the Bayelsa High Court in the state to demand a variation in the bail conditions, the court reportedly fixed three consecutive days for hearing and was unable sit on any of those days.

A ruling on the review of bail application was slated for December but was again adjourned by the presiding judge, J. Buofini.

On the said date, the judge through the court’s registrar notified counsels that the ruling on the bail review application was not ready; and therefore the case was adjourned tillJanuary 20.

Civil society groups react

Two civic groups, the Movement for Accountability and Good Governance, MAGG, and Civil Society Network Against Corruption, CISNAC, have reacted to the continued detention of Mr. Okio and demanded the immediate release.

The program officer of CISNAC, Toyin Koleade, in a statement said the organisation was deeply concerned about the conspiracy between the Bayelsa governor and the state’s judiciary over the illegal imprisonment of Mr. Okio.

“The Civil Society Network Against Corruption is deeply concerned with the tyrannical conspiracy of the Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State and the State Judiciary, over the illegal imprisonment of Mr. Tonye Okio, a social media activist who was arrested from his Abuja home on the 26th of October 2013, based on the orders of Mr. Dickson,” Mr. Koleade said

He said it was unfortunate that public office holders, voted into power by the people, turn around to witch hunt people who they ought to be accountable to.

Also, the National President of MAGG, Jasper Azuatalam, said the police alleged that they saw on Mr. Okio’s facebook page that a particular South-South governor was apprehended in the United States for laundering about $5 million and that another governor from the same region had had the same kind of case. He said the police also claimed that Mr. Okio denied that the said Facebook account does not belong to him.

Mr. Azuatalam condemned the treatment of Mr. Okio and demanded his immediate release.

Lagos Prophet predicts Jonathan Won’t Contest 2015 Elections, Amaechi May Be Eliminated, On Brazil 2014 and others....

As the political battle towards 2015 gathers momentum, a Lagos-based clergyman, Prophet Marcus Tibetan has revealed that President Goodluck Jonathan would not contest the 2015 general elections.

Speaking with journalists in Lagos while unfolding his predictions for 2014, Prophet Tibetan said that some powerful forces in the country would conspire to force Mr. Jonathan to drop his 2015 ambition just as he prophesied that the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, will win the elections.

Tibetan said, “PDP will win but not with Jonathan. PDP has no trouble within it. Jonathan will not contest. God told me that the generals have concluded on Jonathan.”

He also urged former the immediate past governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel to pray hard against political persecution that would lead to his being jailed for corrupt practices, just as he also asked another former governor of Oyo State, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala to watch against paralysis being visited upon him.

The clergyman also advised Rivers State governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to pray against premature death as the country approaches 2015, saying the forces that eliminated a former national vice-chairman of the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, Marshall Harry, might also do the same to him.

On the 2014 FIFA World Cup holding in Brazil, Tibetan predicted that the Super Eagles would reach the semi-finals, but prayed that nothing negative would happen to the national coach of the team, Mr Stephen Keshi, in the build up to the mundial.

“We are going to make a lot of achievements in sports. We will do well at the World Cup, if they [those in authority] should allow [Stephen] Keshi to perform his duty.

“But my prayer is that Keshi should not drop dead before that time. If nothing happens to him, we will reach the semi-finals”, he said.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Rita Dominic, hosted Waje, Don jazzy, Uti, Ice Prince and others in her home to celebrate Christmas. Rita usually does this every year

Rita Dominic,  hosted Waje, Don jazzy, Uti, Ice Prince and others in her home to celebrate Christmas. Rita usually does this every year

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Lagos Female Banker Cuts off Her Husband’s Pénis Over Money

A female banker, Mrs Bimbo Ajetumobi Daniju is now under police investigation in Lagos after she assaulted her husband during a domestic argument. The argument which started as a result of her husband's inability to provide enough money for the family's needs for Christmas later degenerated.

Mrs. Bimbo got angry, attacked her husband and cut his penis with a knife...
While the husband, Olalekan Daniju, was eating on December 16th, his wife came and started shouting at him calling him unprintable names, she poured his plate of food on his head and proceeded to beat him with a bucket she found in the compound.

Olalekan Daniju was reported to have run to his sister’s shop to seek refuge from his angry wife but Bimbo followed him there with broken bottle threatening to stab him. They were settled and went to bed in peace.

But around 2am, there was shouting in the couple’s apartment and reports have it that she woke her husband up, tore his pants and held his penis.
She proceeded to cut his penis with the knife she was holding and ran away leaving him with parting shot:
“That is where you will die!” with Lekan shouting and writhing in anguish.

Lekan was rushed to a private clinic where he was treated.

Mrs Bimbo has been arrested by the police but her husband, who is said to be a simple man that stays away from problems, was said to have told the police that he is not interested in her prosecution.

See what Technology did to humanity...

Nowadays  everyone is focused on one thing and one thing only: technology. More specifically? The tiny screen that we carry and center out lives around. Its a amazing.

These siblings reuniting for the first time in years

This heartwarming Thanksgiving dinner

This group of high school seniors, enjoying their last day of school before graduation.

Meet Mercy Johnson look alike

Lebanese beats up pregnant factory worker in Lagos, 7 month pregnancy lost.

Workers in a Lagos based packaging and printing company, Toppan Packaging Company Limited located on Ladipo Oluwole in Ikeja Industrial Estate could not believe what they witnessed on Friday the 13th December 2013.

When the shift manager, a Lebanese; Kaveh Noine beat up the Cleaning Unit Supervisor Mrs. Alice Ossai in their presence, due to what he deemed negligence on her part, his grouse, a portion of the factory is littered with dirt and she failed in her responsibility to rein in her team to keep the factory floor spick and span.

Frantic efforts by Ossai to explain why the portion of the factory was littered with dirt, even after she was assaulted was rebuffed by Noine who shouted her down and asked her to come with him to his office fuming with rage; exasperated staff members on duty went in with Ossai in a bid to collectively explain the supposed duty breach. Noine rained blows on Ossai and kicking her repeatedly, without sparing her tummy even though she was seven months pregnant.

Like many Nigerians working under similar conditions, took everything calmly even though she complained to her close friends that she was in deep pain put up a bold face and continued with her duty, bearing the shame and physical assault in her stride all in a bid to secure her job and that of two of her siblings who also works in the company.

However; when the news of her assault reached her two siblings; they made an attempt to retaliate on her behalf, Ossai dissuaded them from physically roughing up Noine, begging them to consider the financial burden they bear with the twelve thousand naira month salary paid each of them, as any attempt to confront Noine will eventually lead to their collective loss of income, a situation they cannot cope with giving the fact that they have an aged sick mother to take care off as well as other regular and emerging bills to pay.

Pregnant Ossai was helped home by some of her co-workers and her siblings that day; she resumed work the next day a Saturday 14th December even as the pain continued intermittently, even in pains and being pregnant, she carried out her supervisory cleaning assignments in order to save the family income. On Sunday she rested at home being a work free day even as the pain increased. She resumed on Monday but the pain had increased considerably and she could not carry out her cleaning supervisory assignments, at a point she leaned on the mop stick and clutched her stomach. By 10 pm on Monday she noticed patches of blood on her underwear, the flow progressed steadily and rapidly into clots of blood dripping out of her.

Family members had to rush her to Glorious Mercy Hospital close to her house where a Caesarian Section was carried out on Ossai, the Medical Director said that Ossai prognosis revealed that the Placenta progressively detached from the walls of Ossai’s Uterus, thereby Oxygen and other vital nutrients were denied her Feotus; in the days after the assault, hence the need to evacuate and save Ossai’s life.

Efforts by Ossai family members to arrest Noine yielded no result as he was said to have travelled to Canada on official assignment; but National Daily newspaper investigative team discovered that Noine was indeed in the office when a detachment of policemen from the Lagos Area F Police Command stormed the Oluwole Ladipo office of Toppan Packaging Company to effect his arrest. He hid in one of the disused offices and was later ferried out through a rear gate. Staff members pointedly assert that the police detachment is in collusion with the management as they failed to conduct a thorough search even when they were given a tip about his where about.

Ossai’s family members refused to leave the premises of the company since they are aware that Noine is hiding in one of the disused offices in the company and the detachment from Area F were only playing to the gallery, it took a detachment from the State Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) allegedly brought in by Toppan’s management, to forcibly dispersed them on Tuesday the 17th December. When bold members explained the development to SARS operatives they refused to make any arrest, but advised that they don’t constitute a breach of public peace, and should proceed to engage the services of a legal practitioner.

All attempt by National Daily to get an audience with the Area F Commander and the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) over this incident as at press time proved abortive, but one of the Inspectors who was on the failed arrest bid directed this medium to the Public Relation Unit of the Command at Oduduwa in the Ikeja Government Residential Area.

The company’s Administrative Executive Mr. Abass acknowledged the incident but adds that the company has settled with the Police and that every enquiry over the incident should be directed at the authorities of the Area F Lagos Police Command with whom he claimed they have settled and resolved this matter.

Several calls made to Ngozi Braide Lagos State Police Public Relation Officer was not picked nor returned, even this text message “The crime desk of National Daily Newspaper will want to know the investigation status on the assault of a female Nigerian supervisor in Toppan Packaging Limited, Ikeja Mrs. Alice Alessandra Ossai by her Lebanese Manager Mr. Kaveh Noine which led to the loss of her 7 month pregnancy. The case was reported at the Area F police command” sent to Braide over this development was neither acknowledged nor replied to.

Sources say that this is one of the many physical assaults meted out by the said Noine on casual staff members on weekly basis. On Saturday December 7 Noine slapped and kicked one Ayo Philips whom he summarily dismissed from work and made to forfeit payments and monies due him. A physically drained Ossai while speaking with this medium on her sick bed said she never envisaged that she will be in this condition. She regretted not reporting the assault to the police immediately the incident happened.

In her words “It is the consideration for survival and the pervasive unemployment in the country that made me stomach the assault and the insult, I considered the fact that I am a casual worker and I have a sick and aged mother to take care of, I was expecting my baby in couple of weeks, I need money to take care of my delivery and the expected child, even when my siblings with whom I worked together in the company were going to have a show down with Noine I stopped them, I even went to work the following day in pains till I almost collapsed on the factory floor on Monday.

“Now I have lost on all fronts, I lost the baby, I lost the job, my health is in jeopardy and my spouse and I are in debt due to Noine assault. Now my family members are running from pillar to post to raise the money to pay for the Caesarian Section, I learnt I was given several pints of blood and I have received other drugs and medications”.

Elvis Ossai, Alice spouse said the fate that befell his wife is quiet unfortunate and avoidable. He offered that the officers and men of the Lagos Area F police command disappointed him over the way and manner they handled investigation into this incident; “I make bold to say to Nigerians that they connived with the management of Toppan Packaging Company to shield a foreigner who beat up Nigerian in her own country from facing justice. The assault on my wife led to the loss of a seven month pregnancy; instead of a naming ceremony we just conducted a funeral, we were denied the joy of parenthood just as we were looking forward to it”, Elvis said in an emotional laden voice.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Meet Man who is Half BLACK and Half White…

List Of The 5 Richest Entertainers In Nigeria

I thought we had gone past the era of list, apparently not.
A new list has emerged, compile by Ventures Africa.
It’s a list of the 5 richest contemporary Nigerian entertainers
See list below: -
*******TU FACE********
Born Innocent Idibia, the former member of the band, Plantashun Boyz, is among the richest artists in the industry. With two platinum records already behind him, Tuface (2Face) is speculated to be worth about 550 million naira ($3.47 million). He has had endorsement deals from companies such as Guinness, which earned him 20 million naira ($125,000) and Airtel, which earned him 22 million naira ($139,000). He was also rumoured to have collected 30 million naira ($189,000) from the producers of the Phat Girls movie. Tuface has invested heavily in real estate and stocks, and made bug money from it. He once said his goal was to recover all the wealth taken from Africa.Others are D’banj, P-Square, Don Jazzy and Banky W. See their worth after the cut…
Apart from his music interests, D’banj has moved into other sectors. His interests include Koko Mansion, a TV reality show, Koko Lounge, an upscale hangout in Lagos and the UK, Koko Foundation, a charity, and Koko Mobile. There are also rumours that he is set to launch Koko Records. The bulk of his money comes from endorsements – his endorsement deal with Globacom telecommunications cost 70 million naira ($442,000). He has a multi-million naira endorsement with energy drink Power Fist, a deal with the makers of the Virgin Colour soft drink and another huge deal with a popular jeweller. Another endorsement which runs into millions is with Chris Aire, with D’banj acting as the face of his watches. He collects between 5 million naira ($31,500) and 7 million naira ($44,200) as performance fee for local gigs, and even bigger fees across the rest of Africa and in the US and the UK. Like his old boss, Don Jazzy, D’banj also bagged a recording deal with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music. D’banj once said, “I work hard so that money, awards, endorsements, bookings and kokolets chase me.”
********DON JAZZY*********
Real name Michael Enebeli, Don Jazzy, is the founder of now defunct Mo’Hits and now runs Mavin Records. He is one of the most sought after producers in Nigeria. As a child he was a member of Good Morning Kids, a group created by his father. He is known for his business dexterity, building Mo’Hits from scratch to become one of the biggest entertainment empires in the country. He recently signed a recording deal with Kanye West – a move that not only boosted his reputation as an entertainer, but also his wealth.
********P- SQUARE*********
Singing and dancing duo Peter and Paul Okoye won the KORA award for Best Africa Artiste in 2010, collecting a $1 million prize in the process. Shortly after, the duo got an endorsement deal with Globacom telecommunications worth about 240 million naira ($1.5 million) for four years. Their seven-city American tour in 2010 earned them a whopping $1m and have also built a house valued at 300 million naira ($1.9 million). They own Rayfield Hotel, Jos, and two multi-million naira factories in the same city, where they built a multimillion naira bakery and sachet water companies for their parents. The bulk of their wealth comes from concerts, especially in Africa, where they charge about 2 million naira ($12,600) per show. They have sold over 14 million copies of their CDs since 2005.
*********BANKY W********
Banky W has become one of the richest entertainers in the industry, making the bulk of his wealth from gigs, where he charges between 2.5 million naira ($15,800) and 3 million naira ($19,000) per show and performs three to four times each week. A brand ambassador of Estisalat, one of Nigeria’s telecommunications giants, he also featured in Coca Cola-Nigeria’s World Cup theme song and Microsoft’s Anti-cyber Crime Initiative. An entrepreneur, Banky W has invested heavily in various businesses and also doubles as a philanthropist, founding the Mr. Capable Foundation, where he provides tuition fees for indigent and brilliant students. He is also the force behind EME music which has, arguably, the Nigeria’s fastest rising artiste (Wizkid) under the label.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

WHERE BOKO HARAM Buried The Weapons They Used To Attack

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Azubuike Ihejirika, has said the Army has information that some arms and ammunition were buried in the Apo Cemetery, Abuja, by some Boko Haram members.
He said the Army had been unable to locate where they were hidden because the person who hid the weapons was on the run.

Gen Ihejirika said the weapons were to be used in an attack on Abuja by the sect earlier this year.
The Army Chief spoke yesterday at a public hearing by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on the September 20 killing of eight residents at an uncompleted building in Apo.
Security personnel had invaded the house, said to be inhabited by about 100 people, on the claim that the inhabitants were Boko Haram members.

Gen Ihejirika, who was represented by the Commander, Brigade of Guards, Maj Gen Emmanuel Atewe, justified the invasion of the house.
He said the operation in Apo was informed by a report from the Department of State Security (DSS), alleging an attack by members of the Boko Haram.

“Between September 18 and 19, two persons were arrested in Abuja and they made useful confessions that there was a cache of arms hidden at Apo Cemetery to be used in a planned attack,” he said.
The Army chief said upon the confession of the suspects, his men went to the cemetery in search of the weapons.

“It was in the night, the area was bushy and we could not navigate the cemetery and the suspects could not identify the actual spot where the weapons were buried.
“It was at that point the suspects said their leader, one Suleiman, if arrested would show us the spot where the ammunition were hidden,” he said.

Gen Atewe, who failed to name the “two suspects,” said they told security agents that Suleiman was living in the Apo uncompleted building. He said they (the suspects) also disclosed that their intention was to launch attacks within Abuja.
“It was on that premise that the team moved to the uncompleted building to arrest Suleiman. But unfortunately, as troops were to cordon the building, the fire came, first it was a single shot before rapid followed. Under self defence, the troops returned fire,” he said.

“The military operating in FCT are well trained in handling arms and have exercised restraint in the discharge of their duties. We have no reason to kill anybody dastardly or act under provocation.
“The adversaries did firearm movement, they were firing as they escaped, a loaded magazine was found and from our records, it does not belong to the military,” he said.

Gen Atewe stated that the Apo incident was an isolated case and an unfortunate one.
He insisted that the security agents acted proactively to prevent collateral damage that may have resulted from an attack in Abuja.
He said despite their efforts, Suleiman was still at large and the cache of arms at the Apo cemetery still undiscovered.

“We have carried out 153 operations successfully, made arrests and did not shoot anybody.
The NHRC yesterday granted an application by the DSS to have its officials testify in its headquarters to protect their identities.

DSS’s lawyer Clifford Osagie and other officials of the service cited security reasons for the application to have the panel move its sitting venue from the NHRC’s Abuja office to DSS’ headquarters.
The panel will resume sitting next month. 

Monday, 23 December 2013

2015: I’m NO. 1 on Jonathan’s hit List. They Want To Kill Me"

The former President accused Dr. Jonathan of training snipers and putting 1,000 Nigerians on a watch list ahead of the 2015 elections. Jonathan denied it all, saying Obasanjo should prove the allegations.
“I’m number one on the list.They want to kill me,” Amaechi told a huge crowd at the Liberation Stadium in Port Harcourt, the state capital.

It was at an exciting rally organised by the Save Rivers Movement – a political group backing Amaechi’s stand on the state’s political future. Amaechi defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the All Progressives Congress (APC).

There were a lot of officials and eminent personalities at the occasion.
Amaechi, who is also the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) chairman, said: “Today (yesterday), I am not declaring. I said I would declare at the new stadium. The reason for gathering today is to remind Nigerians that the current Federal Government is carrying on with impunity.

"There is no rule of law in Nigeria. They are using police to molest us. Where police fail to molest us, they are using thugs to shoot dynamites and guns against innocent people.
"I read the President’s (Jonathan’s) letter and he said ex-President Obasanjo should prove the 1,000 names on the watch list. I am number one on the list.

"They want to kill me, but they have no God. The God we worship will protect me. Before the end of the year, I will address the state.
"They will shoot you. They have no fear for your blood. They want the position at all costs. Whether you all die, they do not mind governing just the land. You must know that if you read the story of revolution, you must sacrifice.

Another extract from his speech:
"We gave the President (Jonathan in 2011) nearly two million votes, let him tell us one project he has done for us. I have challenged the President that I belong to the APC.
"If he wants Rivers people to vote for him, let him give Kalabari people back their oil wells and I will come back (to the PDP). He cannot. The President cannot. Instead, he will take more."
Moreover. Amaechi admonished the people, especially his teeming supporters, to be prepared for the struggle ahead, stating that on elections’ days, the “oppressors” would come with tanks and policemen, but urged them to stand and watch their votes.
He claimed:
"I am facing power. They should tell us what they are doing. We are prepared for a debate with them. “In Etche, they have taken our 41 oil wells across (to Abia State). They are denying us our rights. We have suffered enough.
"I suffered and my children suffered, but today we are in government. If you listen to them closely, our brothers, who are on the other side, they are hungry. They have been out of power for nearly eight years.
"If you vote them into power, what will happen? They will steal all the money. They are broke. The ones that are not broke, that are in government, they are busy stealing and building mansions everywhere. They have no fear. I have never seen corruption like this in Nigeria before.

Amaechi recalled the current corruption scandal, referring to the accusations by the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria), and bottled water project,accusing Finance Minister, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of failure to sign it off. He said:
"They do not want to sign. They want you to die of water-borne diseases."
The Chief Felix Obuah-led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, through the Special Adviser to the Chairman on Media, Jerry Needam, however, alleged that Amaechi was no longer relevant in the Niger Delta state’s political calculation.
Gen. Buhari said:
"I congratulate the people of Rivers State for moving to the APC. The fundamental thing is one Nigeria. In spite of our differences, we have found ourselves as one people. Nigeria is a country with tremendous resources and talented people, but we are unable to organise ourselves to raise this country.

"The efforts we are making is for Nigeria. We have to put the party firmly on the ground. We will do everything constitutional to make sure that 2015 elections are credible. We are in an extremely difficult position, where a government is lawless. Courageous Amaechi has done well. Let us support him.
The chairmen of the 23 local government areas of Rivers State, led by the Chairman of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON), Rivers chapter, Chimbiko Iche Akarolo, came with thousands of their supporters to the stadium, and were singing, drumming and dancing.

Akarolo, who is also the Chairman of Port Harcourt Local Government Council, described Amaechi as the symbol and pillar of democracy in Nigeria, assuring them that the people would continue to support him.

Tonto Dikeh’s Wanna be Princess Pemu Shows Off Her Tattoos In New Pictures

Actress Princess Pemu Showed Off Her Tonto Dikeh Like Tattoos In New Pictures…

What’s up with fine girls and smoking nowadays anyway this might be how the so called big girls leave …


He’s been condemned by other Muslim leaders, and some local imams have even refused to greet him. But Imam Daayiee Abdullah believed to be the only openly gay imam in America is proud of his story.

According to Aljazeera, Imam Abdullah was born a Christian, born and raised in Detroit, where his parents were Southern Baptists.

But at age 15, he told his parents he was gay.

At 33, while studying in China, Abdullah converted to Islam, and went on to study the religion in Egypt, Jordan and Syria.
But as a gay man in America, he saw that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Muslims had unmet spiritual needs, so he decided to become an imam to attend to their needs.

“Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. And because of the necessity in our community, that’s why I came into this particular role,” he told America Tonight about his journey.

His first act as an imam was performing funeral rites, Muslim body cleaning ritual for a gay Muslim who died of AIDS.

Pained Abdullah said:

“They had contacted a number of imams, and no one would go and provide him his janazah services. This pained me. I believe every person, no matter if I disagree with you or not, you have the right as a Muslim to have the proper spiritual [rites] and rituals provided for you. And whoever judges you, that will be Allah’s decision, not me.

“The beautiful thing about God is that when you change your attitude, and say, ‘God, I need some help,’ and mean it sincerely, God is always there for you”

Abdullah serves as the imam and educational director of the Light of Reform Mosque in Washington, D.C.

A mosque he helped form more than two years ago, to be a safe space for values and practices that other mosques may eschew.

In his mosque, women and men kneel side-by-side and women are allowed to lead prayers – actions that have sparked controversy even among American Muslims.

His mosque’s congregants are diverse and represent a wide range of cultures, religious upbringings and s*xual orientations.
For its LGBT congregants, the Light of Reform Mosque is a rare safe space. But not all of them are gay. Many are just Muslims looking for a mosque that accepts all kinds.

Not everyone is happy with the mosque though. Some local imams have refused to greet Abdullah, and many others across the country argue his work performing same-s*x marriage is not legitimate, and that he should control his “urges.”

But Abdullah is firm in his belief. “Being an openly gay imam and having been identified as such, I do get a lot of feedback and also kickback, but that’s OK,” he said. “I think that when people are unfamiliar with things, they tend to have an emotional knee-jerk reaction to it.

Abdullah has hope that the message he is working to spread will continue to resonate: “It is our relationship with God and our relationship with each other that really establishes our faith.” Not whether you are gay or straight.

UNBELIEVABLE: See What Dbanj Did For Mandela

You know Dbanj organized his Koko concert last year which received a lot of back lash because of the distance people had to trek inorder to get to the venue. This year,the concert isn’t going to hold.According to Dbanj, he cancelled it in honour of late Nelson Mandela (‘Hey Kokolets,the yearly Koko Concert has been cancelled because of the Madiba Legacy Concert happening tomorrow at the Ocean View event center!!‘,.)but Nigerian Tribunereports otherwise

Contrary to report on tweeter that Koko Concert for this year was cancelled by D’Banj in honour of the late Nelson Mandela, an artiste manager has described the story as a lie.
Rather, it is because the concert was not able to get sponsorship support as planned by the Kokomaster.
In a phone call by R to him on Friday morning, the manager of one of the hottest musician in the country right now said D’Banj had admitted to my artiste that he was having problem getting a sponsor and would not hold the concert if his attempts at getting one fails. He spent a lot of money in bringing Idris Elba and others to the country last year and does not want to do so alone this year. So, when I read on tweeter that he said he was cancelling the concert to honour Mandela, I just laughed at the PR-driven lie’, he said.
D’Banj himself made the cancellation announcement on his Twitter account, explaining that the yearly concert was cancelled because the ‘Madiba Legacy Concert‘, which held on December 18, 2013 at The Oceanview Restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos.

“D’banj’s reason for cancelling the event does sound very cheeky as we wonder how a one-day tribute concert (which he clearly did not put together) would stop him from holding his own show this December, wrote a disgruntled fan, Ay.
He has, however, promised to make it up to his fans by hosting three ‘Koko Parties’ this yuletide season.
‘Not to worry, I’m hosting 3 Koko parties this season for my dear fans’, D’Banj added

REVEALED: How Illbliss, Clarence Peters Interfered Chidinma’s Sex Tape Scandal

Several weeks ago it was all over the place that Chidinma Ekhile, a.k.a. Ms. Kedike, had the alleged release of her sex tape. Many people blasted her, made a lot of negative comments. Chidinma has even defended herself by acclaiming she is a virgin.
Nigerian rapper Tobechukwu Melvin Ejiofor, a.k.a. Illbliss, in a chat with HipTV revealed that Chidinma’s alleged adult video scandal, which went viral, devastated the singer, made her cry profusely.
Illbliss narrated how he and his team rallied round the Kedike hit singer and assured her the scandal would be strategically handled.
He and Clarence Peter spearhead Capital Hill Music, which is home to Chidinma, Phyno and Da Suspect.
Illbliss recounted:
“I got an e-mail from a blogger one morning saying that ‘your artiste Chidinma has a sex tape out, get in touch with us’ and I called her that morning and told her (Chidinma).
“All she did was cry her eyes out, saying ‘I’m only a small girl; I’ve not wronged anybody, why will anyone do this to me?
“…I told her that we will speak when we want to and it will not be to defend the sex tape issue but to communicate her success. And indeed it worked!” 

PDP/APC FEUD: Followers Clash In Rivers State.

Emohua, Emohua LGA, Rivers State - There was an outbreak of violence in Emohua, headquarters of Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, yesterday, as the Peoples Democratic Party's supporters clashed with those of the All Progressives Congress.
The conflict resulted in ruining the secretariat of the LG chapter of the Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI), a pressure group established by the Supervising Minister of Education, Chief Nyesom Wike.
According to eyewitnesses, the disorder was triggered by a number of unidentified gunmen who opened fire on the LG secretariat field, which was the venue of a rally organised by the APC.
The APC supporters, most of them young people, accused former chairman of the LG council, serving Director General (Operations) of the Felix Obuah-led PDP in the state, Hon. Chukuwemeka Woke, of masterminding the shooting. It was their attempt to retaliate that led to the destruction of the GDI secretariat.
When contacted, Mr. Woke denied involvement in the shooting at the APC rally. He suggested intead that the scenario was created by the APC members to give them the opportunity to vandalise the GDI secretariat, which was opened by Wike, who is the patron of the group.
Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in Rivers State, Ahmed Mohammed, was unaware of the clash.
Reports reaching us suggest that Rivers State Commissioner for Agriculture Emma Chinda has accused PDP, GDI members of masterminding attacks on APC members in Buguma and Emohua.
It will be recalled that the state has been torn by constant crises following the disagreements between the Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, and the Commissioner of Police, Joseph Mbu, and also the trouble within the State House of Assembly.
Meanwhile, members of the Rivers State House of Assembly have condemned the sudden change of mind by the State Police Command over their resumption of plenary today, Monday, December 24, 2013.
The State Police Command, which had earlier assured the lawmakers that it would open the House of Assembly complex for them to resume sitting, made a U-turn at the weekend, warning lawmakers not to come near the building housing the state legislature.
More details later.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Comedian Klint Da Drunk Releases Beautiful Family Pictures

The star comedian ,his beautiful wife Lilien and 2 kids look adorable in their Christmas card and photos.. Beautiful…

7 Simple Steps That Would Make Her Say YES! [MEN ONLY]

I understand you have always wanted her, but she wouldn’t just co-operate! Your heart race every time you see her, but she insisted that she wouldn’t date you….. Here are things you
should do that would make her change her decision and give you a big YES!

1. Turn your weaknesses to strength. What are those things that might have made her say a ‘no’ at first? Work on them!

2. Be fashionable. This doesn’t means you have to go about in all the designer wears. Just ensure you dress properly, be neat and have a high self esteem. Be courageous as well.

3. Quit chasing after her. Chances are she would get distance herself away from you if you continue to run after her.

4. Find out what are interests are – Dancing, baking, writing and travelling are some of the activities enjoyed by girls. Know what hers are,
and learn them. Enjoy doing them too.

5. Find a way to meet her on neutral grounds and be her friend. Be free with her and give a helping hand when required.

6. Make friends with her friends. This is another way to get close to her.

7. Be humorous. Let her see the lively aspect of you, she would know you are cool to be with!