Thursday, 6 February 2014

Acid Bath: Ini Edo Face Disfigured With Acid

Nollywood star actress, Ini Edo, has had her beautiful face disfigured by some felons who are not happy with her.
The actress, who is one of the best in the movie industry, is always known to have a face to behold but now, her face has been tampered with by an acid attack and she may need to undergo surgery to get her face back to what it used to be.
But wait a minute; before you jump into any conclusion, what you are seeing is the handwork of a creative make-up artist in the Nigerian movie industry who transformed Ini Edo’s face with some artistic work.
We must say that our film industry is going places with this kind of work.
The actress took to Instagram to praise this convincing display of artistry:
“#filmmakingseriousbusiness# I fear for my face. My exec producer says he's got me covered lol. I still love my job.”
One word for Nigerian film makers…


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