Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Collapse of a generation

All we are suffering in Nigeria now is APC- PDP. National leaders don't discuss development and investments. Unemployments have crawled into almost every home and we talk APC-PDP. In the next election, we step out and still vote these carnivorous vultures into the same power they use against us the voters. What sort of shameless people are we? Thailand stood their ground and disrupted election. It can be done here. The only sense of leadership in Nigeria now is who is in APC or PDP. Obama is running around preaching same sex marriage as if its the salvation of the world. American economy and morality have been sold out and yet, he walks proud. Rebels are armed in Syria with American tax payers' money. And tomorrow, the same weapons will be used against the world. Our youth have abandoned their thinking forward. Its now chelsea, man U or Arsenal. They even fight and stab bottles for them. Most churches in America postponed services because of super bowl. That's a slap on God's face. But when terrorists strike, everyone we send out prayer request all over the world asking churches to remember America in prayers. What a total collapse of an entire generation. Pastors are fighting preaching their suits, shoes, wives and cars. How long are we going to see how blind we have lived?


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