Saturday, 1 February 2014

The 10 Most Powerful Men in Africa – Forbes

Forbes magazine has released its 2014 list of The 10 Most Powerful Men In Africa. Amongst them are 3 Nigerians. See the full list below:

1. Simdul Shagaya: Tech Entrepreneur and Founder of and (pictured right)

2. Chinedu Echeruo: Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of and (pictured left)

3. Kola Karim, Nigeria, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Shoreline Energy International.

4. January Makamba, Tanzania, Deputy Minister of Communication, Science & Technology and Member of Parliament

5. Ashish Thakkar, Uganda, Founder and Managing Director of Mara Group, Mara Foundation and Mara Online

6. Mamadou Toure, Cameroon, Founder and Executive Director of Africa 2.0

7. Amadou Mahtar Ba, Senegal, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the African Media Initiative

8. Ben Magara, Zimbabwe, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Lonmin

9. Komla Dumor, Ghana, Lead Presenter on “Focus On Africa” and BBC World News’ European morning segment

10. Mohammed Dewji, Tanzania, Group Chief Executive Officer of Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited


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